Why Time Is The Most Valuable Thing In Life

700,000 Hours. That adds up to just shy of 80 years, and it is more than many of us have the privilege of reaching. Think about that as a countdown, or a timer. It really does put it in perspective. 

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Many people make the big mistake of taking time for granted, when it is the greatest commodity any of us will ever have. When we are young we tend to think that we have forever and often have a hard time understanding the concept of time. But as we get older this does tend to change. As someone who had been faced with my own mortality at a young age, I can honestly speak to just how valuable time really is. What I learned from that experience was, that every moment mattered and that the so called small things were never small. Appreciation was the lesson and I did my best to appreciate every moment. I had hit the proverbial life lottery. I got more time. 


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The truth is that none of us are ever promised those 700,000 hours of life on this earth. It is the most undervalued thing in the world and probably the most wasted, but time truly is the most precious thing. We all think we have plenty to spare but that is an illusion.

Have you ever had a moment where you thought, where did the time go? You blinked and now you are a parent or grandparent. You blinked and now it's all a blur. The fact is that the present is all we have, and how we live in the now is what will determine much of what we will experience in the remainder of the time left. This is true for everyone.


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I have never regretted getting older, nor have I ever even jokingly lied about my age. Aging is a privilege that many are denied and it should be valued as such. Wherever you are in the world and whatever you do in life, know that time is your most precious gift and never take it for granted. Live so that you wish there were more hours in every day.


What are your thoughts? 

Have you faced an illness or life changing event that changed your outlook on life? If so what things did you turn to to keep you going?


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