Dogs, Nature, & Inner Peace

Being a two time cancer survivor I've often been asked, "how did you get through it? The pain, fear, and sheer unfairness of it all."  My answer was frequently, "you just have to". But the truth is, though all of those things were part of it, the need for positivity was that much greater. As was the appreciation of what really mattered. I looked closer for what brought me joy and focused greatly on appreciating the little things. Those little things really aren't so little in the end. They are the important things. When I had a bad day, getting outside and hanging out with my dog was something I craved. Even a drive to the country, just for the scenery or a walk on a random beach was all it took to help me reset. I never enjoyed or wanted the pity that one tends to recieve with a cancer diagnosis, and feeling normal was always the goal. I was only a teenager with my first cancer and it hit hard but also allowed me to have an appreciation for the little things. And now as an adult I understand that the connection of nature and dogs being theraputic is no coincidence. There is a definitive reason why both nature and dogs can help one to find their inner peace and deal with the curve balls life can often throw.


a close up of happy blonde haired dog 


It's no secret that dogs connect with humans like no other creature. They are naturally empathetic and have an intuitive ability that is unmistakeable. They have a super incredible sense of smell that alerts them of physiological changes in humans as well as other animals and have been detrimental in assisting people with such ailments as, epilepsy, anxiety, cancer and much more. They really are four legged heros. 


A beautiful nature scene overlooking the ocean through the trees.


"Get out in nature", is more than just the cliche thing people say to do for inner peace. There are more benifits than just the obvious vitamin D and fresh air. It's a feeling it's knowing that there is life out there in the world and we belong there. There are always reasons to keep going even through the really tough times. Whether it's sitting in a peaceful park watching birds and squirrels play or the perspective you get looking out at the ocean while waves wash over your toes. Those things truly help to make our troubles feel just a little bit smaller and help to keep negative thoughts at bay.

Inner peace starts with simplicity and in humbleness. I'm here, and  very thankful everyday. There will always be things in life that are beyond our control. Though they are often hard to take and can be daunting, it's nice to know that there really are ways to stay grounded and hold on to that inner peace.

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