T-Shirts To Express Your Authentic Self

How we wish to make a difference

Our prime goal with our products and our brand is to encourage expression of the things we love and for people to look around themselves even in their own backyards to find the extrordinary yet simple things that many take for granted. We have all been through so much in the last two years that it is time to appreciate even the simplest of things that enrich our lives every day. What is it that you love to do that simply makes you happy? It could be a coffee date with a friend, a walk in the woods with your dog or a day at the beach relaxing with a good book. These seemingly small things can actually have bigger benifits than we could have ever realized but now perhaps we understand just how much.

A young girl enjoying time by the ocean with her fluffy white dog,

Our Tag-line

"Be You, Be Authentic!", Is our tag-line for AuthenticECD and in a nutshell is what ultimately inspires our designs. Authenticity is at the heart of our core values and we wish for it to reflect not only in our products but the entire attitude of our brand. Our inspirations come from a genuine love of nature, dogs, self reflection and fun. All things we believe should never be taken for granted.

The Take Away

What we hope we can promote is an appreciation of life and simply not to overlook the little things because in the end they aren't so little.

If you live near the ocean take the time whenever possible to spend time near the water and breathe in the sea air. If you have access to wooded trails take advantage of the calming smells and sounds that can only be found when in the forrest. If you are able to visit a lake do your best to get in the water, whether it be a simple swim or kayaking and canoing. 

beautiful ocean sunset with text

 Going Forward 

The world gives us the tools. When lockdowns came we found comfort in movies, games and music. We found ways to perform online and to work with the talents we had at hand. Nature and literally our backyards became our sanctuaries as travel went away. We learned to appreciate the places we live in and what it had to offer. If you are lucky enough to have beauty around you never take it for granted. Value and appreciate your pets and all they do for you. Buy from and support your local markets, grow your gardens, walk your trails, beaches and roads. Find what makes you smile and laugh. Hold on to the moments with friends and family and always, always  Be You , Be Authentic !



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