5 Surprising Benifits Of Visiting The Ocean

Side view of a red sandy beach with calm waves on a sunny day

Anyone who has had the privilege of visiting the ocean can tell you it's an experience not to be missed. Besides the breathtaking views, and the sheer power of the ocean waves, visiting an ocean beach has some very incredible effects. It appears that vitamin sea is a real thing, and here are 5 surprising benifits from visiting the ocean.

1. Effects On Sinuses

Saline solution (salt water), has often been the go to for many who experience sinus issues or allergies. It makes sense that visiting an ocean beach where swimming in the salty water or just the ocean spray from the waves would naturally help. Salt water is a cleanser that lubricates the sinuses and  also helps the nose cilia stay lubricated. Cilia are tiny hair like structures inside the nose that trap bacteria and help keep the air going into the lungs moist. So breathe deep when visiting the sea shore to grab this effect.


2. Better Sleep

After visiting the ocean you may find yourself having a wonderful sleep. That can be due to many factors. I can personally say as someone who has camped near the ocean many times, that there is definatly a connection. The fresh air, the sounds of the waves rolling on the shore. Sigh, it is relaxing just thinking about it. But even after a day at the beach and you are back at home the after effects may linger and you will have a great night's sleep.

The beginning of an eastern sunrise coming up over the ocean. A lifeguard's tower can be seen on the right.


3. Positive Changes In Our Brain Waves

Blue spaces just like green spaces, have positive effects on our mood. The negative ions from the sea air are abundant and actually put us in a mild meditative state. Pair that with the blue color of the ocean and you have a recipie for relaxing. In history and up to today, sea shore therapy is a thing for a reason. The science shows that the ocean can have an irrefutable positive affect on our overall health.


4. Good For Psoriasis And Other Skin Conditions

My husband suffers from Psoriasis so this is another point that I know to be true from experience. He has tried everything, but any kind of sea products  seem to actually help. In the summer when we are at the seashore much more often the difference is noticable. It is known that ocean salt water can help remove dead skin and improve the look of psoriasis but don't for get the sunscreen!!


5. Vitamin D and Sea

It is clear that a visit to the ocean has many benifits, but combined they truly are incredible. Getting out in the sunshine for vitamin D and the grounding effects of your toes on the sand, making you feel refreshed. It really is an extraordinary experience to be near the ocean side. Beyond the science is the feeling you get and it is not to be taken for granted. It reminds you of the beauty and complexity of our world and how we are all connected.

Blue water, blue sky with waves crashing against rugged rocks on the ocean


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