5 Simple Ways To Manage Stress In A Stressful World

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In these times we are all a little worse for wear when it comes to navigating ourselves through the stress of it all. Between coming through a pandemic and into a volitile world it is all quite unnerving. But what can we do? Though there are many things simply out of our control, there are some steps we can take to minimalize how the stress of the times impacts our lives. Here are 5 simple ways to help avoid additional stress in a stressful world.


1. (Limit) Watching News 

Though staying somewhat informed about world events is everyones responsibility, the news can have a very distressing and potentially damaging impact on our mental health. Turning it off for a while doesnt mean you don't care it simply means you know what your limits are for your own health and sanity. There may be actual immediate ways to help others, perhaps in your own community that will have a positive impact. Focus on what is within your power to do and not on what you cannot control.


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2. Find Joy

Make sure to look for the joy in life and to embrace the things that make you happy. Even simple pleasures can have a profound effect on your ability to withstand stressfull times. Be mindful and know life is too short not to smile as much as possible. If you are having an especially hard time maybe it's a good idea to try something new to boost your spirits. Many people find solace in creativity, (art, writing, music), are good examples of things in which people can find joy that they never knew existed. Even as a beginner you may surprise yourself. What do you have to lose?


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3. Get Out In Nature

Walking barefoot on the sand with rolling waves washing over your feet or a peaceful walk in the woods, watching the playful squirrels scurry from tree to tree. Simple things, yes, but oh the grand effects it can have on the brain. There is proof that being close to green spaces and outdoor activity decreases stress levels. Do your best to make getting outside part of your routine as much as posssible. You just may find everyday stress and anxiety will become a little more managable.


4. Ditch Negative Talk and/or People

This one is sometimes easier said than done as the "negative nelly" in life can sometimes be someone close to you like a family member or even a spouse. But in order to protect our own mental health in such times setting boundries can be important. Maybe avoiding topics of conversation or letting that person know that you are having a harder time managing stress and maybe a change in subject would be best. Negative talk in any form isn't helpful and that includes how we talk to ourselves. It's important to try and be kind to ourselves and to be mindful of our own negativity.


5. Be Kind / Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

So the barrista messed up your coffee order or someone cut you off on your way to work. While these things are frustrating it is better for us to not allow small inconveniences to ruin our day and cause us unnecessary stress. Life is far too short to let silly everyday annoyances bother us. Everyone has moments and we are all human. Though bigger mistakes may be harder to dismiss it's important to realize that when we get worked up over someone elses actions it is ourselves we are punishing. It is a common issue we all share. Be kind to yourself and dont sweat the small stuff.


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The take away; There will be rough days and there will be joy, relish the joy so that the rough days don't seem insurmountable. 

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