5 Abilities Dogs Have That Prove They Are Really Superheroes

Dogs are so much more than just pets. They take the role of companion, friend, and in some special situations, are even a co-worker. Taking a closer look, dogs have some extraordinary abilities that make them so much more. Here are 5 abilities that prove dogs are like superheroes.


black and white poodle mix dog 

1. The Ability To Sense A Storm 

Dogs have an amazing ability to sense a change in barometric pressure. This can actually sometimes cause a dog distress and they may become upset or want to hide. Their keen senses give them the heads up that something is brewing in the air, long before a human may take notice. This behavior has come in very handy for humans as we pay attention and trust the dog's strong senses that are clearly correct in most senerios.



a dog silhouette ouside against a night sky

2. Night Vision

A dogs ability to see in very dim light is far superior to that of a human. This ability is due to something called the "tapetum". The "tapetum" is a reflective layer existing behind the retina. Dogs, cat's and any nocturnal animals share this feature and is also why their eyes glow in low light.


3. Sonic hearing 

A dogs super sense of hearing is just one more superhero like ability that they possess. A dog can hear frequencies between 50,000hz up to a possible 65,000hz, where as humans can only around 20,000hz. Before dogs were domesticated, this ability, when hunting food, allowed them to locate mice, rats and other small creatures.


4. Dogs Can Smell Disease

Studies have proved dogs have an amazing super skill allowing them to detect different types of cancer and other diseases both in humans and other dogs as well. A dog has 220 million scent receptors, where humans only have 5 million. This incredible superpower sets dogs apart in their ability to assist humans in early disease detection. In this alone they truly are a humans best friend.


hound type breed dog sitting  on the ground next to a person wearing a dog lover tee

5. Empathic Powers

Do dogs have the ability to read emotions and show empathy? As a child I always felt my dog somehow knew when I was feeling sad or lonely. He would stay closer and pay me more attention as if he somehow wanted to make it better. When I had a serious diagnosis as a young teen all I wanted was the comfort only my dog could give. There are studies that now prove dogs to be extra sensitive beings, who truly have an amazing ability to pick up on the emotions of both humans and other dogs.  This extraordinary talent is one that may put a dog to work as a service animal for several conditions, such as Anxiety, Autism or p.t.s.d. Just one more incredible talent that makes a dog arguably much more like a superhero.


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