Proof That Dogs Are Naturally Empathic

 An Austrailian Shepard puppy sitting on a wood floor

Could your dog be a natural empath? Quite possibly. There are plenty of scientific studies that say yes. It is no secret that dogs are highly sensitive creatures who possess strong extraodinary senses, such as their hearing, smell and ability to see well in the dark. But a dogs capacity for empathy could be the most amazing thing about them.

A fashion model walking with her therapy dog

Many dogs are trained to use their empathic senses in amazing ways that we would be lost without. A therapy dog is a dog that is trained to assist humans in very special ways. Their duties range from simple jobs, to jobs that require very specific training. The time and type of training it would take to accomplish this would depend on several factors, like age and breed. Some therapy dogs are well trained to help humans in several group situations such as:

  • retirement homes
  • schools
  • hospice
  • disaster sites

Or in a personal situation such as:

  • Epilepsy
  • Anxiety 
  • Autism spectrum disorder 

a small  brown mix dog looking to the side

 Beyond the extraordinary jobs that these very special dogs are taught to perform, are of course our pets at home. And though they may not have that extra training, their natural instinct and empathy is still present. They are the dog that knows just when you need your furry friend to be there. They can definatly tell when we need them the most and they are always ready to come to the rescue by just being themselves. Aren't we the lucky ones.


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