6 Reasons Why Fall Is A Feeling

 There are those of us who truly long for Autumn and the unique warm fuzzy vibes that accompany the cooler temps and changing leaves. There are so many factors; the preparations for upcoming colder months, the harvesting and storing of food. Fall entices the senses with cooler temperatures and the scent of burning wood in the air. The changing colors and the crunch of dried leaves beneath your feet. There is a feeling of comfort that comes along with this season and it may be the underlying reason why it is many people's favorite time of year. It is the time for gathering. It holds traditions that have been ingrained into society for centuries and of course this is the season that hosts the onset of the holiday season. Fall is all this and more. Here are 6 reasons why fall is a feeling.

1.Optimism For Upcoming Future

Ironically many people view the fall as a new beginning even more than the springtime. A somewhat obvious reason for this may be because it is the season when school and work begin again after summer vacations. For the kids going to school it is a fresh start, a new begining and hopes for a great year. For adults the fall brings back memories of those same hopes and can jolt some positive vibes. Even though the fun warmer summer days are waning, fall gives us something to look forward to.

2.Comfy Clothes And Perfect Temperatures

It is a simple but true fact. People love comfy looser fiting clothes. With bikini weather all but done, fall gives us permission to get comfortable and pull out your favorite hoodie and sneakers. The cooler more comfortable temperatures in fall are also something many look forward to. Not too hot not too cold, just right. But as it becomes cooler there is definatly something wonderful about slipping on a cozy hoodie on a crisp fall day. 

A woman wearing a fall inspired black hoodie, she is outside in a fall setting.

3. Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice

Somehow the love (or hate) for pumpkin spice everything, has become part of the fall fandom. But it's not just pumpkin spice that is the iconic flavor of the season. Everything apple is also a favorite. After all it is the harvest season and with that comes the newest crop of apples. The memory of a biting into a crisp apple from your lunchbox on the first day of school comes to mind. Whether you prefer the iconic pumpkin spice flavors, fresh apples from the orchard or both, fall flavors are a huge part of the season.

Close up of ripe apples on an apple tree

4. Fall Colors

Probably the most notable thing about the fall is the incredible Autumn colors. Nature paints us the most amazing portrait and dresses our world in bright yellows, brilliant orange and spectacular reds. As the season wanes it will give way to more brown and darker tones that strike their own special beauty. Fall colors are highly celebrated in many regions and getting out to see and appreciate them in all their glory is a must.

Fall foliage on a wooded path

5. Fall Air And Scents

The air in fall is definatly one of my favorite changes in the seasons. The humidity of summer gives way to a clear more breathable air and there are some natural scents that come with it. A hint of burning wood that may lift the mood and remind us of upcoming holidays, but even the familiar scent of decomposing leaves is enough to remind our senses of the inevitable changes. There is a crispness that is difficult to discribe but is obviously present and it can actually be beneficial. Fresh air is of course good for you in all seasons but there is something we all love about the fall air.

6. Something To Look Forward To

The onset of the fall season is for most of us the prelude to many exciting events and of course the awaited holiday season. Community events also become a focus and some of my favorites that come to mind are; corn mazes, apple picking, ghost walks, drives in the country to view and appreciate the foliage and a visit to a pumpkin patch to find that perfect would be jack-o-lantern. Fall flavors are as we mentioned before a huge part of what makes this time of year special and we all look forward to the best familiar flavors we all love.

Some examples are;

  • apple and pumpkin pies
  • halloween treats
  • cider and hot chocolate
  • turkey dinners
  • hearty soups
  • pot pies
  • roasted fall vegetables

A pumpkin patch on a sunny day

Fall truly is a feeling, don't you agree? With all these factors and more it is no wonder Fall is noted as a time to gather together, appreciate nature's bounty and of course one another.

What are your thoughts? What is your favorite part of this season? Let us know in the comments and dont forget to subscribe!


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