5 Ways A Dog Says I Love You

cute small white fluffy dog staring into camera

For most people a dog is a family member and often are loved as children or grandchildren. The value they add to our lives is immeasurable and we adore them, but do they feel the same? Here are 5 ways a dog says "I love you".


1. Eye Contact

When a dog gazes up at you adoringly it's actually a similar connection that parents have with their babies. Both situations result in a surge of oxytocin also known as the cuddle chemical. A dog staring at you wide eyed with large pupils is a tell "tail" sign that you are someone they love.

2. Dogs Miss Us

Dogs often lose their minds with excitement when they are reunited with someone they know and care about. Even after an extended period of time (years) they remember and show how they missed us. The joy they express with greeting us this way is the greatest proof of their love.

3. Dogs Enjoy Our Company 

The age old saying "man's best friend" is more than just a title, it also has a lot of truth. It makes sense that dogs being natural pack animals would enjoy being close to their person or family. They ( like us) are social creatures but their wolf ancestry is likely when their journey to domestication began. Arent we the lucky ones for that.

4. Lean On Me 

Like the song said ,"lean on me, when you need a friend". There are specific dog behaviors that will tell you that you might have won their trust and affection. Aside from just eye contact, leaning is one way that a dog shows that you are someone they love and want attention from. It can also be a sign they want your protection and they trust you with that responsibility.

5. Play 

When a doggo prances proudly to you and presents you with his or her favorite toy or attempts to prompt you into a game of chase it is a sign they want to make you happy and are looking for a reaction. This is a gesture of respect from the dog and should be taken as an understanding that they want your attention in a positive way.

A playful boxer on his belly with a toy in his mouth


Dogs are simply amazing and we as humans should count ourselves the lucky ones to have them in our world. 


Are you lucky enough to have an amazing dog in your life? 

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