5 Amazing Facts That Prove Dogs Really Are "Mans Best Friend"

Have you ever loved a dog? I mean really loved them, just as you would any family member. Dogs are incredible sentient creatures and we adore them, but would it surprise you to know that your dog loves you just as much. Any tamed animal may show affection. If you raised a lion or a bear from a cub it may show you affection but they would not in any way be "domesticated". It's also worth mentioning that although cats are the second most popular pet next to dogs, the fact is that they are only partially domesticated and that it was more likely they did that themselves. I mean cat's do "like" us, but it's entirely out of convienience for them. In the begining we had mice issues, they moved in to help. It was a well working relationship, but it was on their terms. As interesting as that is, this post is more about why dogs took the top role as our best friends.

 So what was it about dogs that allowed humans to form such a lasting bond with them above all other creatures? Lets find out. Here are 5 amazing facts that prove dogs really are man's best friend.

A yellow lab wearing a hat and sunglasses


1.Dogs have evolved around humans 

It is estimated that the relationship with dogs began somewhere around 14,000 and 40,000 years ago and it is thought to have all started with a now extinct species of wolf that followed around humans for food. The domestication of dogs became more prevolent around 11,000 years ago so you can definitely say we have evolved along side one another.

 A  painting of a pack of  ancient dogs or wolves


2. Dogs Were Helpful To Humans From The Beginning

As a dog's relationship with humans evolved so did the working relationships dogs are widely known for. From helping with the hunt, to being great protectors. The bonds formed were meant to last. Dogs wanted to give back to us, to please us. They were highly valued by the Egyptions and sometimes even mummified, a process which was saved only for those truely worthy of the afterlife. They have fought in battles along side their human companions in wars and protected farmers livestock. It is written in their DNA that we are as much their companions as they are ours.

 An ancient Egyption wall engraving hyroglific, dipicting a dog and master


3. Modern Day Dogs Have Important jobs

Many dogs in our modern times have very important jobs and they are invaluable to us. So many breeds of dog have been conditioned to perform amazing tasks, such as search & rescue, drug detection and even bomb detection. Then there are incredible therapy dogs who serve just by being themselves and knowing when their person needs their paw.

Dogs with jobs:

  • guide dogs
  • military and police dogs
  • service dogs
  • therapy dogs
A dog's abilities know no bounds and it is only possible because of their want to please us and be with us.

  Yellow lab, working police dog wearing a harness


4. Dogs Can Sense Emotions

There is much evidence to support the fact that dogs are empathetic beings. There have even been instances of them being able to tell when something isn't quite right about a person or another animal. Dogs are very good at reading body language, allowing them to pick up on things that not all humans may notice. I myself can say this is true. I once was walking my family dog in a park. Our dog was the most gentle, sweet and wonderful dog i'd ever known and he was never aggressive. As we were walking back to the car there was another dog across the lot. The other dog was with their people and he or she stopped dead, made a stance and stared at my dog. Well I don't know what the communication going on between them was, all I know was that my dog stood in front of me and barked a bark I had never heard him do. He was clearly protecting me. I'll never forget it and I never once heard him bark that way again. There's my proof.


 5. Dogs Genuinely Love Us

It is a proven fact that dogs not only have a large capacity for love but that they really do love their human companions.The proof is in the chemical known as oxytocin. It is the very same chemical that occurs with humans and their babies as they bond. Also known as "the cuddle chemical" oxytocin plays a role in many situations for humans such as trust, romance, attraction and more noteably parent child bonding. Dogs also produce this chemical when they are with someone they trust and care for. It's not all that surprising really when we look back at the history we have referenced.

There we are, 5 amazing facts that prove dogs are most certainly "hu-man's best friend". 


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